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We aspire to be a splendid torch in all that we do. We Dialogue with our clients to understand what really matters to them, then we Design creative processes that brings out the brightest light in people, and then Deliver results that lead to lasting change.

Entheos has 4 areas of expertise:
Coaching for Executives
& Small Groups
Training Workshops
One-on-One coaching and small group-coaching is offered to organizations or private individuals as post-training interventions or as part of Leadership Development. Entheos’ coaches specialize in Leadership Development, Executive and Career Coaching, Our coaches will work with clients to bring clarity and congruence with who they are and what they do, and enable them to turn their goals into reality.
Engaging, Enthusing and Empowering participants to transfer their learning into their work and personal applications is the key motivation of Entheos Trainers. Our Trainers are also exceptional Learning Specialists which enable them to create learning experiences that honour adult learning preferences and encourages practice and application in an enjoyable, creative and supportive way.
Learning Design
Using the body of work based on Learning Organisation and Servant Leadership, Facilitation Methods from Technology of Participation™, Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space & World Café, highly trained Facilitators from Entheos consult with clients to design and facilitate Management Retreats, Strategic Planning, Dialogue Sessions, Leadership Retreats, Team Learning and Focus Groups.
Entheos’ experienced instructional design professionals work with clients to capture proprietary knowledge and skills into instructional manuals for effective skills training and knowledge transfer complemented by a rigorous train-the-trainer program. Our ID specialists are obsessed about creating learner-centred training programmes and turning complexity into simplicity.


Our Purpose

To create Live-Giving Learning experiences through inspirational Coaching, Facilitation and Training.

Our Philisophy

We envision a world where people Live, Lead and Learn with Passion and Purpose.

We do this by :

  • Facilitating Conversations and Programmes which brings Joy of Self-Expression, Learning and Discovery.
  • Partnering with organizations in creating Leadership Development programmes and Organizational Interventions to develop Listening and Learning Organizations.
  • Developing Personal Development programmes that result in Individuals a greater Clarity, Congruence, Confidence and Commitment to Living out a Life of Purpose & Passion.

The Key Beliefs that underpin our approach with clients are:

Organizational development begins with the development of the Individual.

The Power of One underpins our approach. We believe that every individual has the unlimited potential, inner wisdom and power to transform themselves, their team and beyond. Alignment with the organization is possible when there is congruence in the individuals' aspirations, values, thoughts, feelings with their work and their personal life.

Each person possesses his/her own Inner Wisdom.

Our experience shows that enabling people to arrive at their own answers has far more profound effect than telling people what they should do. We especially believe in the power of peer-sharing and capitalizing on the power of group dynamics to create change in individuals. We offer Powerful Questions and Strategies but we always honour the Choices that each person has. When the individual makes choices freely and out of his personal insight and wisdom, that creates personal responsibility and fuels the commitment to make lasting changes.

Inspir-action creates Lasting Change

Inspiration combined with Action creates transformational results. Our programmes inspire individuals to be a master of his own inspiration – to connect with his sources of strength, motivation, inspiration to create and to move to action.

Change lies in the heart of Conversation.
In our Organisational Interventions, Facilitation, Training and Coaching, we create safe spaces for people to speak deeply about what they most care about at work. We use proven methods to enable full participation and surface the underlying assumptions and beliefs individuals and teams are holding about themselves, their organization and what they want achieve. Shifting perspectives and creating new perspectives is the focus of these conversations.


Our Values - PEACE

Possibility we seek fresh perspectives and see new ways of doing things by learning, relearning and unlearning.

Enthusiasm – we use energy and joy to create what we care most about

Authenticity we work and live in alignment with our values

Care – we honour and take care of our whole self – Physically, Intellectually, Emotionally and Spiritually

Empowerment We call out the power and inspiration that is within each of us to make things happen


Our Team

Anita Yap, Founder, Principal Coach & Facilitator
Anita is the Founder and Principal Coach & Facilitator of Entheos. Professionally trained in coaching, facilitation and training, Anita interacts with her clients through deep listening, asking powerful questions and challenging clients to move to action to create the results they want in their personal and professional lives. Anita aims to enable clients to Think with Clarity, Lead with Confidence and to Commit to Action.

When conducting workshops, Anita is an enthusiastic and lively trainer with a passion for enabling her participants to transfer the skills and knowledge from the training room to their work and personal lives. Known for her warmth, humour and gifted story-telling, participants who have experienced Anita’s workshops have described her as “inspiring”, “professional” and “exuding passion and enthusiasm”. An energetic facilitator with international experience, Anita has worked with clients in Singapore, China, Cambodia, Laos, Macau, Myanmar and Vietnam. Anita brings with her 15 years of work experience in multinational and government organisations. Her corporate experience in Public Relations, Communications and Training & Development has given her invaluable insights into working with different levels of employees and what helps people to create and accept change.

Anita has designed and led more than 20 programmes in Leadership & Management Development, Facilitation Skills, Change Management, Communications, and Service Excellence and trained other trainers to deliver these programmes. Anita has been engaged by clients to design and facilitate Management retreats, Strategic Planning and Focus Group discussions. Increasingly, clients are also engaging Anita to provide executive coaching.

Anita is a Certified Professional Facilitator of the International Association of Facilitators and Certified Trainer & Facilitator in the Technology of Participation™ methods. She is also an accredited facilitator in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Anita Yap is currently an Associate Trainer with the Civil Service College, an Adjunct Facilitator with the Greenleaf Centre for Servant Leadership (Asia) and the Social Services Training Institute. She graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Arts & Social Science (Hons), majoring in English Language and Philosophy. She is married with 3 children.

Cynthia Lau, Senior Associate Facilitator & Instructional Designer
Cynthia is known for her ability to design and deliver engaging, inspiring and practical learning experiences. Employing accelerated learning approaches and modelling learner-centredness, Cynthia is able to create learning environments that are highly conducive to learning. Often described by clients and participants as an energetic and enthusiastic facilitator, her workshops have helped many to develop their personal potential to be more innovative and master change.

Given her core competence in the areas of adult learning, thinking and innovation, Cynthia has designed and facilitated various strategic visioning workshops, ideation sessions and hands-on training sessions. In addition, she is also a consultant in the training and development of trainers and facilitators as well as developing instructional manuals for public and private sector organizations.

Cynthia is an International Association of Facilitators’ Certified Professional Facilitator and a trained facilitator in the Technology of Participation™ facilitation methods. She holds a Masters in Education (Training & Development) from the University of Sheffield, UK.

Jackie Chang, Senior Associate Facilitator & Communications Specialist
Jackie brings with her more than 17 years of practitioner experience in Communications and Public Relations, having worked in public relations agencies including Elite PR, K-Concepts Communications, Hill & Knowlton, BridgeOne Consultants as well as Edelman worldwide. Jackie has been responsible for working with clients in communication strategy, media relations and spokesperson training and event management. Her clients have come from diverse industries such as consumer products, healthcare, IT software & hardware, telecommunications, travel business, sports.

A certified Facilitator in the Technology of Participation™ Facilitation Methods, today Jackie combines her practitioner experience with her Facilitation skills to help clients achieve their goals through participation, productive conversations and team learning. Jackie speaks conversant English and is fluent in Mandarin and Taiwanese. She holds a Bachelors degree in Mass Communications from the Ming Chung University in Taiwan.













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