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What is Coaching?

COACHING is about creating a powerful relationship where the coach supports the clients’ commitment to produce a rewarding and fulfilling life in the areas of life goals, work performance, professional & personal relationships and overall well-being.

Through provocative questions, deep listening, and feedback, the coach supports a client in identifying their goals and challenges them to take actions to create results. A coach plays many roles during the coaching relationship, such as being a Comfort-Zone Challenger, Cheer-Leader, Devil’s Advocate, Friend, Listener and Partner.

Why Coach?

Coaches work with clients on any issues the client wants to address. Clients who work with a coach get focused and produce better results because they respond favourably to someone who truly listens to them, believes in their unlimited potential, encourages them to move forward, keeps them accountable and challenges them to transform Possibility into Reality.

WHO hires a coach and WHY?

Individuals of all ages, professions, and lifestyles hire a coach because they:

  • Want MORE Clarity and Congruence in their lives
  • Want to GROW personally and professionally
  • Want to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN – accelerated and supported with a non-judgemental, affirming, critical thinking partner, rather than doing it alone by themselves

Organisations hire a coach for their employees because they see that coaching results in their executives and top talents

  • Becoming MORE FOCUSED through disciplined thinking and action
  • Becoming DEEPLY AWARE of their competencies, gifts, passion and purpose.
  • Taking PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for their choices and actions.
  • Meeting challenges and changes with CONFIDENCE, AGILITY AND RESILIENCE.
  • Leading people with a more INQUIRING AND EMPOWERING approach.

Entheos’ offers coaching sessions to individuals and small groups throughout the world. It has a network of professional coaches throughout Asia, Australia, United Kingdom, and United States. Through close consultation with the client, we match each client with one of our skilled coaches. They work together for 3 or 6 or 12 months to co-create an action plan to develop competencies and capacity critical to the client’s success. Each session usually takes place one-hour per session on a weekly basis either on the telephone, face-to-face with unlimited email support. The frequency is agreed between the Client and Coach based on what works best for the Client. Each Client’s programme is unique and addresses short term and long-terms goals, how to create actions that translates into personal and organizational benefits.

We also build internal coaching capacity by transferring coaching skills to Managers, Consultants, Trainers, Educators and Human Resource professionals.

Coaching Workshops
  • Coaching Skills for Leaders & Managers
  • Coaching Skills for Facilitators, Consultants, Trainers & Educators
  • Coaching Skills for Non-Profit Professionals








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