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Ergonomic, Functional and Durable – these are the signature qualities of the products Entheos provides to meet your essential needs when conducting presentations and training.

We have samples of several comparable products currently in the market for you to make a discerning choice between what is out there compared with the products we carry. This allows you to see, feel and experience how the products’ performance is matched to your needs.

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New Learner Friendly Products


CYRUS Ergonomical Portable Flip Chart

Finally we are able to feel good about a product that Ergonomical, Functional and Portable. Highly flexible for use in work, school and home environments without compromising on the budget, making a choice has never been easier. Take a closer look at how mobile , secure, stable, light-weight and multifunctional the Cyrus Flip Chart is.

The Cyrus Flip Chart is Flexible and Versatile; how you like to use it is all within your imagination. Not limited to just to Corporate or Training use, it is highly functional for use with children and at home.


  • Cyrus Fuss-Free Marker-Holder stores up to 20 markers.
  • Traditional Marker-Tray holds only 5 markers in a horizontal position which limits ink-flow and creates clutter


The Cyrus Flip Chart also comes with an ergonomically designed marker-holder that allows markers to be positioned vertically to ensure the effective flow of ink when you are ready to use them. The spacious compartments stores up to 15 colour-markers.

Most important of all, your purchase of the Cyrus Flip Chart comes with after-sales support. Replacement parts are available to keep your Flip Chart always in an excellent working condition.

Paper Holding System

Organiza is a paper holding system designed for the prestigious office and modern work station where decor, design and fine lines are important features. The Organiza boasts a modern, shapely design. Organiza has been designed to securely lock paper or card for easy reference or display.

Paper Applications
The finest paper, up to the large advertising card signs can be safely held in Organiza. Thick envelopes are not suitable for Organiza. Paper capacity from one page to card 4mm thick can be held in the Organiza.

Internal geometry has been meticulously calculated to achieve the maximum paper grip possible, yet allow the paper to release easily when required.

Injection mould plastic tube rollers reduce weight and ensure quiet operation.

Designer End Caps
Recessed end caps allow paper to extend beyond the perimeter of the Organiza.

Paper Stop
An internal paper stop reduces the visible loss of document titles and letterheads.

Utility Groove
Mould into the top of the Organiza is a convenient utility groove that is ideal for storing white board markers and other stationery.

Vertical Multi Systems
Ideal for advertising real estate, a special paper wedge is located at the rear of the Organiza to allow the formation of a multi display system. Insert the paper into the top Organiza. Place the bottom of the paper behind the organiza below.

Standard colour - white. Powder coated baked epoxy resin.
Custom and corporate colours are available (Please Order in Advance).


Hold-Ups can be used anywhere paper is used:

  • Educational Institutions
  • Government Departments
  • Food and Catering Outlets
  • Catering Suppliers
  • Medical Practitioners and Hospitals
  • Stationery Suppliers
  • Whiteboard Manufacturers
  • Promotional Uses
  • Hire and Rental Companies
  • Sporting Clubs
  • Transport Companies
  • Architects and Draughts persons
  • Domestic Users

Temporary result or notices Drying of picture
Reminder notes


Felt board

Different quality surface and sizes.

Whiteboard Markers

Targus Essential Function Presenter

Specifications: Color: Black Exterior Dimensions: 4" x 1.6" x 1.1" System Requirements: Windows® 2000, Me, XP & USB port Warranty: 6 months against manufacturing defects Weight: 1.5 oz Powered by 1 x AAA size battery

Package Content:
Targus Wireless Presenter Transceiver 1 x AAA Battery Manual in print

The Targus Notebook Wireless Presenter with cursor control just made presentations a lot easier. With convenient wireless multi-tasking features, the device offers effortless mouse capability and presentation controls with a built-in laser pointer.
The factory-paired presenter and receiver connection enables true plug-and-play and requires no driver installations. 2.4GHz wireless technology provides freedom for effective presentations up to 50 feet/15 meters. The small, lightweight design is perfect for in the office and on the road presentations.


Kramer electronics

DA XGA to UXGA / Molded VGA cable / Universal controller for training room.

  • VGA Distribution Amplifier

Different cables configuration

Universal Room Controller


These brands of batteries have been around for a long time ,tested and proven that they are the best lasting alkaline batteries .

Duracell Brand / Energizer Brand

  • Paper Dimension 88.5 cm H x 61 cm W ( More writing Space )
  • Thickness of paper 80 GSM
  • Standard or Customize perforated hole on request.
  • Comes in 25 sheets or 50 sheets
  • Save the Environment use wood free


View closely
A fixed frame will always provide a flat viewing surface all the times, just like in the movies they are mounted permanently to provide best viewing effect .

Heat treatment
All the Cyrus velvet frames uses heat treatment to provide a lasting finish and able to with stand the different environments, we go the extra mile for quality.

It is not one size fits all , the frame size have to varies due to the size of the screen to makes more stable. Comes in 80mm & 120mm depending on the surface area .

Why black velvet
Not just esthetic, the function of the velvet is to absorbs the reflected lights, able to take over scan image and optically enhances the image.

Variation of structure available

Screen materials basically consist of the, Vinyl , Fiber Glass and Poly carbonate , All this material are able to be mounted and maintain flat unlike the past. New structure allows Cyrus screen be as versatile in the application and provide the best mounting as possible .

Different aspect ratio
4:3 , 16 :9 ,1.85 , 2.35

*Soft edge blending and control room application.

There are different structure and application and
Cyrus screens will be able to meet the challenge.

NTSC 1.33:1 ( 4:3 ratio)

Diagonal x 0.8 = Width
Width x 0.75 = Height

640 x 480 VGA
800x 600 SVGA
1024 x 768 XGA
1400 x 1050 SXGA +
1600 x 1200 UXGA
2048 x 1536 QXGA

SXGA (1.25) Video Format

Diagonal x 0.625 = Height
Diagonal x 0.78125 = Width
Height x 1.60 = Diagonal
Width x 1.28 = Diagonal
Height x 1.25 = Width
Width x 0.80 = Height

1280 x 1024 SXGA

HDTV 1.78:1 (16:9 Ratio)

Diagonal x 0.87275 = Width
Width x 0.5625 = Height

856 x 480
1024 x 576
1280 x 720
1366 x 768 WXGA
1366 800 WXGA
1400 x 768
1920 x 1080

The chart is the basic or most widely use in projectors. There is other which are not stated example 2k or 4k pixel.


Feet to Meter
Meter to Feet
Ft x 12 = inch / 39.37 = Meter
M x 39.37= inch / 12 = Feet


Front Projection Screen Material Samples (Arrange with dealers for test and products application)

Brite White : 1.25 gain
160 Degree Viewing cone
Lite Grey: 1.1 gain
170 degree Viewing cone
Cine-Mate (Perf) 1 gain
170 Degree Viewing cone
Deluxe Matt : 1.1gain
165 Degree Viewing cone
Pearly White 1.5 gain
140 Degree Viewing cone
Pearly Grey 1.45 gain
130 Degree Viewing cone
80mm or 120 mm Thick
Aluminum Frame
Velvet Finish
Frame ‘’A’’ for
Stretchable Vinyl Material
Frame ‘’B” for
Fiber Glass Backing Material
* All material are washable and able to clean off easily. Cleaning kit available .











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