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Cyrus screens are designed and manufactured attention to detail on the screen surfaces and the finishing of the mechanical structure. Take a closer look at our different screen fabrics; they vary in texture, gain and colour to meet the different corporate and home theatre environments of our clients and safety standard of the industry. The mechanical structure of our screens is robust without compromising on the aesthetic qualities; clients can choose their preferred frame colour to suit their interior décor.



Introducing new screen materials to match your
requirements and varying ambient lights condition.

Cyrus screens will unleash the visual experience of your “Home Theatre”

Make an appointment with the dealers and they will advice
on the different screen material application.

Flexible material
White base
Hi resolution surface
Gain 1.1
Viewing angle 160
100% Able to clean surface
Flexible material
Grey base
Hi resolution surface
Gain 1
Viewing angle 170
100% Able to clean surface
Semi rigid material
White base/ black backing
Optical spectrum
Gain 1.35
Viewing angle 140
100% Able to clean surface
Semi rigid material
Grey base / black backing
Optical spectrum
Gain 1.25
Viewing angle 130
100% Able to clean surface


Different Aspect Ratio
4:3 Ratio ( NTSC Video)
16:9 Ratio High Definition
Diagonal X 0.8 = Width
Width x 0.75 = Height
Height x 1.33 = Width
Diagonal x 0.87275 = Width
Width x 0.562 = Height
Height x 1.78 = Width
1.85 : Wide Screen
2.35 :1 Cinemascope
Diagonal x 0.88 = Width
Width x 0.5405 = Height
Height x 1.85 = Width
Diagonal 0.9215 = Width
Width x 0.4255 = Height
Height x 2.35 = Width


Feet to Meter
Meter to Feet
Ft x 12 = inch / 39.37 = Meter
M x 39.37= inch / 12 = Feet


Home Theatre

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